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18 February 2016 10:57:02 UTC
Rsc Chair


There was an error processing the import. Message: Unable to execute UPDATE statement. [wrapped: Could not execute update [Native Error: Deadlock found when trying to get lock; try restarting transaction] [User Info: UPDATE reg_schema_property SET UPDATED_AT = '2016-02-18 10:57:03',NAME = 'censor',LABEL = 'has censor',DEFINITION = 'Relates an expression to a person, family, or corporate body contributing to an expression of a work by revising the content for the purpose of suppressing parts deemed objectionable on moral, political, military, or other grounds, but leaving the nature and content of the original work substantially unchanged.',URI = '',DOMAIN = '',ORANGE = '',LEXICAL_ALIAS = '' WHERE reg_schema_property.ID=22834]]

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