2 strip color

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English preferred label 2 strip color Published
English notation f Published
English definition Color system in which two strips of film, one to record red light and one to record blue, were run through the camera simultaneously and exposed through the base of the front piece of film. These two strips of negatives were then used to produce prints of duplitized film stock (film stock with emulsion on both sides of the base), with a red-dyed image on one side, and a blue-dyed or -toned image on the other. Published
English scope note Although extensively used in early color film processes, the inherent inability of two components to reproduce the visible color spectrum rendered all such systems obsolete when three-color processes became readily available. The process used from about 1929 to about 1950 by, among others, the following companies: Cinecolor, Magnacolor, and Multicolor. Published