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English preferred label laserdisc Published
English notation g Published
English definition Laser optical (reflective) videorecording system that uses an analog technique called PWM (Pulse Width Modulation) to represent video information on a grooveless, smooth, round plastic disc. The disc is read (played back) by a weak laser beam that registers data appearing on the disc as tiny pits or depressions of varying lengths. Published
English scope note Laserdiscs exist in three standard commercially produced sizes: 12, 8, and 4 3/4 inch. The 12 inch disc is the most common size and is typically used for movies; the disc or its packaging usually bears an LD trademark (the phrase "LASER DISC" or "Laser Vision" usually appears as the lower part of that LD trademark); alternatively, LASER VIDEODISC, DiscoVision, LaserDisc, LaserVision, or a similar phrase may appear instead of the LD trademark. The 8 and 4 3/4 inch discs are uncommon and typically used for music videos or other short video programs; the disc or its packaging usually bears one of these terms or trademarks: CDV (CD VIDEO), VSD (VIDEO SINGLE DISC), or LD (LASER DISC). This system started commercial use in 1978, but production declined rapidly after 1998 due to the success of the DVD format. Published