Super-VHS (1/2 in., videocassette)

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English preferred label Super-VHS (1/2 in., videocassette) Published
English notation k Published
English definition Super-VHS format, which was originally designed for the consumer market to encode analog signals using a helical scan on 1/2 inch ferric-oxide tape, housed in a standard cassette. It has gained acceptance professionally in the broadcast industry and is now considered a professional format. Super-VHS format machines encode 400 lines of horizontal resolution and can play back videotapes recorded on regular VHS machines. Super-VHS requires high-grade tape and a high-resolution monitor equipped with separate Y/C (Luminance/Chrominance) video inputs. Super-VHS-C is the same video format but uses a special compact mini-cassette (often used with hand-held video cameras). These mini-cassettes can be used with standard VHS recorders by means of a special adapter cassette into which the mini-cassette is inserted. Published