other non-projected graphic type

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English preferred label other non-projected graphic type Published
English notation z Published
English definition Types other than collage, drawing, painting, photomechanical reproduction, photonegative, photoprint, picture, print, technical drawing, master. New-Proposed
English scope note Includes mixed media productions made by a combination of freehand and printing techniques when one or the other does not predominate. In some cases, where mixed media are applied, one must decide whether the creator intends the item to be a photoprint (even though it is painted over the photographic image). Hand colouring is considered a technique applied to a printing process; this aspect is not included here. Computer-produced graphics and the various duplication masters (including spirit masters and transparency masters) are included here. New-Proposed
Italian preferred label altro tipo di documento grafico non proiettabile Published
Portuguese preferred label outro material gráfico não-projectável Published