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GAMECIP - Schema (work-in-process)
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The RDF for the schema of elements for the GAMECIP project currently resides in the Open Metadata Registry, http://metadataregistry.org/schema/show/id/89.html. There are also recommended vocabularies for some of the elements in the Open Metadata Registry, the URIs of which are given with the associated element. This set of elements accounts for the basic identification and discovery of published video games. It is a minimal element set relevant for producers, distributors, and libraries. Any organization using this element set may wish to add additional information necessary for its own purposes; the elements below are intended as a core scheme applicable to all parties. The manner of implementation is up to the party. For example, data may be in any of a variety of formats: XML or RDF, MARC, spreadsheet or database, etc. Some elements may be omitted if redundant within a particular implementation of the scheme, and there may be more than one way to implement an element. For example, designating an entity as a publisher may involve a data element dedicated to “publisher” or a data element for “name” associated with a role of “publisher.” Many of these elements should have controlled vocabularies, though any party may choose the controlled vocabulary that best suits its needs. We recommend the use of recognized, published controlled vocabularies and urge users of this scheme to always designate which vocabularies are being used. This may be accomplished by text strings or through semantic web linkage. The idea is to be able to easily map data among the various formats in use, thus facilitating the standardization and re-use of data. To this end, we have provided URIs for comparable properties in schema.org, Dublin Core, MODS, and RDA. Note that properties specified in these other schemas may be broader or narrower in definition than ours, so the mapping may only work in one direction for some data elements. Note that some data elements may be implicit in the metadata of some parties. For example, a collection consisting exclusively of video games may not have the same need to specify the form of content as a library with metadata for many types of materials. These implicit assumptions would need to be factored in exporting and mapping data. Included in this description of metadata elements are the URI for the property, a definition, other comments, some examples marked up as properties in different schemas (to illustrate different ways in which the same elements may be implemented, sometimes in the context of related data elements). To facilitate mapping, there are also URIs for similar properties in other schemas.


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