28 April 2013 17:54
Mohamed Berray
28 April 2013 13:59
Mohamed Berray


The title or identifying phrase given to a Work or an Image. For complex works or series the title may refer to a discrete component or unit within the larger entity (a print from a series, a panel from a fresco cycle, a building within a temple complex) or may identify only the larger entity itself. Record multiple titles in repeating instances of the title element. Indicate the preferred title with pref ="true" and alternate titles with pref="false". For an Image record this category describes the specific view of the depicted Work or Collection, and corresponds to the CCO View Description.
Examples of titles are: The Rose, The Moonlight, Portrait of Giovanni, The Arnolfini Portrait.
American Cartoon Prints Collection
Mandatory, Repeatable
VRA Core 4.0