10 June 2010 5:46
Gordon Dunsire (ifla)
7 August 2015 17:03
Gordon Dunsire (ifla)


has title proper
Relates a resource to the title proper (the chief name of a resource, i.e. the title of a resource in the form in which it appears on the preferred source of information for the resource).
The title proper includes any alternative title, but excludes parallel titles and other title information. In the case of a section or some supplements and some titles of subseries or parts, the title proper can consist of two or more components: the common title (or the title of the main series or of the multipart monographic resource), the dependent title and the dependent title designation. For resources containing several individual works the title proper is the collective title. Resources containing several individual works and lacking a collective title are considered not to have a title proper. A series or subseries also has its own title proper.