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  Elements:  has statement of responsibility relating to title


10 June 2010 5:48
Gordon Dunsire (ifla)
7 August 2015 17:03
Gordon Dunsire (ifla)


has statement of responsibility relating to title
Relates a resource to one or more names, phrases, or groups of characters relating to the identification and/or function of any persons or corporate bodies responsible for or contributing to the creation or realisation of the intellectual or artistic content of a work contained in the resource.
A statement of responsibility is not constructed when there is no such statement on the resource. A statement of responsibility can relate to such entities as: writers, composers, performers, graphic artists, choreographers, arrangers, cartographers, programmers, principal investigators, animators, etc., whose work is embodied in the resource, whether directly (e.g. author of text, editor, compiler, translator, illustrator, engraver, cartographer, composer, arranger, choreographer), or indirectly (e.g. author of the novel on which a film script is based, author of the work on which the software is based, adapters of an already existing work), whether in the same medium as the original or in another; collectors of various data, persons responsible for the direction of a performed work; organizations, or individuals or corporate bodies sponsoring the work of any of the above (with intellectual and not merely financial sponsorship), producers of a popular music recording;.production companies and individuals such as producers, directors, or others having some degree of overall responsibility for a work; individuals who have specific responsibilities when in the context of a particular film, or particular type of film, they have a major creative role (e.g. cinematographers, writers of screenplays or animators of animated films); developers and designers, whose work involves the creation of the content of a resource or its realisation (e.g. game designer); entities having specific responsibilities in the context of a particular resource or particular type of resource (e.g. project directors of survey data, video director).