10 June 2010 9:30
Gordon Dunsire (ifla)
7 August 2015 17:03
Gordon Dunsire (ifla)


has note
Relates a resource to a note of descriptive information that has not been given in other areas of the description but that is considered to be important to users of bibliographic records.
Notes qualify and amplify the description in the other areas and can deal with any aspect of a resource. Notes may also give the bibliographic history of the resource and indicate relationships to other resources. In making reference to another resource in a note, enough information must be given to identify theresource. This may vary depending on the resource and the context of the note. For continuing resources, the citation may consist of the key title and ISSN. In other cases, it may consist of the title proper along with a statement of responsibility or other bibliographic details. Two or more notes may be combined into a single note when considered appropriate by the cataloguing agency.