10 June 2010 5:49
Gordon Dunsire (ifla)
7 August 2015 17:03
Gordon Dunsire (ifla)


has edition statement
Relates a resource to a word or phrase, or a group of characters, indicating that the resource belongs to an edition.
An edition statement normally includes either the word "edition" (or its equivalent in another language) or a related term together with a number ("2nd edition", etc.), or a term indicating difference from other editions ("new edition", "revised edition","“standard edition", "large print edition", "fourth state", "May 1970 script", etc.). A statement that includes the word "edition" or its equivalent is not considered an edition statement when it represents printing information, as is typical in the publication patterns of certain countries. An edition statement can also include other phrases that may be linguistically associated, linking the edition to other elements of the description (e.g. original title in a form such as "abridgement of ...").